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less is more

Climate-friendly computing

Scalability is good, but efficiency is better. How big does it really need to be?

Efficiency is good, but sobriety is better. If you can make it half the size, will you just end up making twice as many?

We can help you reduce your costs and emissions, reuse and recycle existing technology for new applications.

Complexity control

Complexity isn’t always bad. The world is complex, but our models of it shouldn’t and don’t need to be.

Often, the data cannot be understood, it can only be observed and modeled. Code, on the other hand, is meant to be understood.

Do you understand your code? Will anyone else understand it? Can you justify its complexity? We can help.

Literate software

“Don’t repeat yourself” is a good principle for code and an awful one for natural language.

Code should be documented and self-documenting. Documentation should tell you how and why the code works.

We believe in examples with references and references with examples. We unit-test code and documentation. We write HOWTOs and HOWNOTTOs.

Technology for humans

Culture and language, ideas and their expression, are not just endless data to be fed to the learning machine.

Technology, language technology in particular, should serve human creativity, not the other way around.

You have the right to read, write, learn, speak, and hear your language, everywhere. We can help.


About us

Call me Ishmael. Well, you can if you want, but actually my name is David Huggins-Daines, which is long and complicated so you can call me DHD for short. Originally trained in linguistics, I have 25 years of experience in language and information technology. My expertise is extremely wide-ranging, from systems programming and device drivers up to neural networks for speech and natural language processing and the occasional full-stack web application.

Learning a new programming language or system is generally not a problem, but tools I work with include Python, C, TypeScript, Angular, Sphinx, Hugo, MkDocs, GNU/Linux, Docker, Emacs, and Rust. I’m not a huge cloud fanatic but I know my way around AWS, Azure, Compute Engine, and company.

I’m interested in making everything small and fast enough to run in the browser on everyone’s device.